professional fundraiser bonds

What You Need To Know Professional Fundraiser Bond

A professional solicitor generally is an individual or corporation who is paid by a charity to lift money or create a charity’s donation marketing campaign on the charity’s behalf. As a result of the fundraiser can be representing your organization to the public, it’s important that you completely investigate every firm you’re contemplating hiring. Inappropriate behavior can result in damaging publicity, fewer or smaller donations and doable legal motion involving you and the fundraiser if the regulation is violated. To avoid these problems, please assessment the following information earlier than hiring a professional fundraiser.

A $10,000 surety bond is required to register as a professional fundraiser. The original surety bond will should be submitted with the registration assertion.

Professional Fundraiser Bond, An Overview

The Solicitation of Charitable Funds Act offers the Secretary of State the authority to regulate charitable organizations and professional fundraisers. Paid Solicitors must pay registration charges and file registration types online, except the Department of Legislation waives this requirement as a result of the filer does not have cheap access to the internet, or to electronic equipment or software required to make the filing.

A charitable group that meets one of many exemption types above can notify the Department of Legislation by finishing a Discover of Exemption form online. The shape asks for the organization’s title, FEIN, deal with and exemption kind, and the identify, telephone number, and email address of the individual to contact in regards to the discover.

The state charitable solicitations guidelines usually are not usually mentioned within the planned giving area. However, these guidelines have clearer software to charitable reward planners, because many deliberate giving officers at charities and their consultants, as well as professional advisors to donors, will go to one-on-one with potential donors across the country.


Some nonprofit organizations hire professional fundraisers to help them attain their funding goals extra shortly and easily. Note: Registrations and contracts not filed well timed must by regulation pay a late submitting fee of $1,000.00 for every contract that is not on file with this office.

Companies are required to buy and file a $20,000 bond with the State of North Dakota Secretary of State to activate their license. The bond protects the Obligee by transferring to a surety bond company the price of guaranteeing the general public is compensated for damages ensuing from the failure of a licensed business complying with the provisions of licensing laws.

More Details Concerning Professional Fundraiser Bond

If you are engaged as a professional fund raiser in Michigan you are required under Section four of Public Act 298 of 1992 to file a Michigan Uniform Professional Fundraising Bond as a situation of licensure. Solicitors are sometimes required to register individually as well as by way of their employer and will have to pay individual registration charges. For example, in South Carolina they must also be individually bonded as opposed to being coated beneath their employer’s bond. New York presently charges $80.00 per solicitor to register. This requirement is at current being challenged in courtroom.